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Our Toddler Program

At Karter Montessori, our toddler program is designed for children ages 16 months to 3 years of age to ignite their curiosity, encourage discovery through observation, hands on learning, and exploration. We provide opportunities for children to learn in well-prepared environments with challenging and stimulating lessons to meet their development needs.

Children are gently guided in ways to nurture their growing minds. The toddler program promotes coordination, language, self-care and independence. Each child has an individualized learning plan created by our trained Montessori teachers.

Your toddler will be able to choose from different areas such as Practical Life and Sensory to promote independence.

Using Montessori materials, children choose what they are interested in, and we guide them to experience all areas of our Toddler Program.

Home Away from Home

Our classroom environments are welcoming, warm and home-like with natural lighting, nurturing and caring teachers, and child size furniture and lessons. Each child is taught to care for their own belongings and to care for others in their class. Children often feel a sense of ownership in their class as they feel connected to their teachers, friends and classroom.


Purposeful learning

Each lesson plan is designed specifically for your child’s interests and needs. Our teachers are highly skilled in carefully observing each child’s growth and milestones and teach each lesson with a meaningful purpose. Our classes support individual learning, peer to peer learning, collaborative and small and large group learning.

Nutrition from the start

We show them how to eat nutritious foods from the start with fresh fruits and vegetables by offering a lesson in making orange juice, spreading sunbutter on crackers or cutting a banana. These skills also promote independence and can be carried into the home.


Discovery and Exploration

The toddlers are learning new things in the world around them. They are discovering new ideas through the lessons given tailored to their own interests. Our teachers enjoy watching the educational journey of each child as they interact with others and explore their learning environments. We offer children outdoor learning environments to continue learning outside whether it’s growing vegetables in our garden beds, watering our plants and trees, or simply taking lessons outside to finish in the sunshine. The options are endless at Karter Montessori.

Our Location

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